June 2019
It’s June and we are all very busy on the allotments.   The potato tops are all coming to the surface, everyone is planting their runner beans and courgette plants are going in ready for the stir fries!

The gooseberry bushes are looking good, tiny little fruits are hanging on, it is quite exciting.

Rhubarb is a plenty, lovely to freeze for the winter or give away.   It makes delicious crumbles or a rhubarb ginger cake which one of our allotment holders baked and it was very moreish.

The apple blossom looks amazing, the bees are humming around pollinating, so we have yummy apples to eat and store.  We are still eating our own from last season and whilst they are still very nice, it’s not as good as eating off the tree, but nothing is as good as that.

All we need is rain, at night would be better, to make everything grow and swell.

Green Fingers (I try to be)