July 2019
It’s nearly August and the produce is coming in abundance.   The potatoes are being dug up, everyone is pleased with their crops this year, I have dug up some bakers which we love with butter and black pepper… yummy!

We’ve all had loads of strawberries, some have made jam, I have frozen some for winter trifles.   I have not had many as I have started two new beds this year and have had to battle with the birds, slugs and ants, they love them but I try to get there first.

The courgettes are cropping like grapes but we love them cooked in butter with garlic and pepper, and they are good in ratatouille.  The allotment holders often talk about what we can do with our crops.

We are all picking beans, broad and runners, they are so sweet when they are young.

The apples are swelling, the bees did a good job because we are going to have a bumper crop.   We will be giving lots away, plenty of apple pies and crumbles on the horizon, lovely.

One of our allotment holders has redcurrents, dipping from their bushes, looks like Christmas Tree decorations, but unlike them they make lovely jelly, a taste of summer.

In the polytunnels and greenhouses tomatoes have started to ripen and they do taste good.   The cucumbers are doing well, and so are the peppers, nothing tastes better than freshly picked produce.

I hope your results are as good as ours, keep growing.

Green Fingers