November 2021
November is here already… it doesn’t seem five minutes since we were all putting our seeds in and now everyone is preparing their soil for the winter, weeding, putting on compost and horse manure then putting a blanket on top, so as soon as the warmer weather comes, the soil will be nice and warm under all those layers and we can plant our seeds again.

Most people’s sweetcorn has been good, mine was awful!   The potatoes got the blight, everyone got their sets in before me so they got some lovely jackets, but unfortunately I got mine in late so no jacket potatoes this year but the small one taste good too.  The tomatoes were amazing this year the best crop ever.   I tried a new watering method, I cut drainpipes about 12 inches long and buried them beside each plant so watering below ground instead of on top because when it is hot the water just evaporates. The seeds I use are Thompson and Morgan Santonio F1.

The cucumbers were a disaster.   I always put three plants in but two died and although the last one produced quite a few cucumbers it then upped its roots!   Better luck next year.  Everyone’s greens have been looking good, people have been picking their broccoli and my cabbages are as big as footballs, well two are!

I have buttons on my Brussels Hurrah!  Everyone’s runner beans were excellent and tasted beautiful.

We had a Sunflower Competition.   Our allotment holders are a competitive group!   The chairman and I measured all 15 plants, the tallest was 12ft.2inches grown by one of our ladies, Mags, and the shortest one with the biggest flowerhead went to our youngest, Ruth and Charles‘ son Preston.   He received a consolation prize, a bag of treats. But Mags got a garden voucher to buy next year’s seeds, presented by Peter, who thought of the competition. 

Well, everyone can have a bit of a back rest during our winter months although nothing is nicer then wrapping up on a cold morning and doing a bit of digging not if there is a frost though as is not good for the soil.

Everyone have a lovely Christmas, enjoy all the things you have grown throughout the year and good growing for 2022.

Best Wishes to you all 

Green Fingers [well not so good this year]