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The perfect way to meet old friends and make new ones, the Coffee Club resumes in the Village Hall on 16th July at 10am.

6th August 2021 :: We are still awaiting a reply / response from NNDC and Victory Housing.

17th May 2021 :: We received an immediate response from Phillip Rowson NNDC, who said that he is meeting with his Chief Exec at the end of the week and respond afterwards.

17th May 2021 :: We also had an immediate response from Victory Housing apologising for the delay in replying and requesting a site meeting.

17th May 2021 :: We have not received any further contact from Victory Housing or NNDC despite several reminders on this matter. So we wrote again requesting a response to our letter of 12th March 2020

26th April 2021 :: We received contact from the office of Duncan Baker MP to suggest that he sits “in reserve” pending the outcome of the conversation at NNDC before he got involved.

26th April 2021 :: Phillip Rowson, Assistant Director of Planning at NNDC, wrote saying that he will be discussing the matter with his Chief Executive (Steve Blatch) and will return to us as quickly as possible.

19th April 2021 :: NCC as Highways Authority replied saying that in response to the planning application for development north of School Close (what is now Wilds Way) they recommended refusal and that NNDC chose to approve the planning application contrary to their recommendation.   They gave detailed information as to the road and footpath layout saying that it met national/local guidance and that the issues of turning were effectively due to resident’s vehicles being parked on the road despite drop kerbs having been installed.

12th March 2021 :: The Parish Council wrote and invited several interested parties including NNDC Planning Department and Highways to meet on site in School Close to evaluate the issues and seek a solution.

11th February 2021 :: A letter from the Parish Council was dropped through every letterbox in School Close and Wilds Way explaining the issues and the steps that are being taken by the council to resolve them.

The Parish Council is very aware of the road traffic issues affecting residents and vehicles in School Close and are working towards a solution with NNDC and Highways.

The Parish Council is currently in discussion with Victory Housing to have the title deed to the grass areas on Wilds Way transferred to them.   This would make the Parish council responsible for the upkeep but would also potentially provide land which the parish council could utilise for the benefit of the village as a whole.

Victory are keen for this to happen but the conditions set out in the deed, when presented to the council earlier this year, were not acceptable to the council.   Negotiations are on-going but we are very aware that any agreement reached – if any – would either be a legacy or a chain around the neck of future parish councils.

We will keep everyone posted as the circumstance changes but we hope to have a more acceptable proposal for the parish council to consider by the September council meeting.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on 7th September in the Village Hall at the new time of 7pm (not 7:30pm).

Come along and find out what the council is doing and planning for the village and address any questions you may have directly to the council.

If anyone would like to raise an issue in the meantime, you can use our Contact Form here online or contact our Parish Clerk, whose contact details are also on the contact form page.

Knapton Parish Latest News

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Knapton’s SAM2 Speed Awareness camera was recently sited one the Mundesley Road as cars enter the 40mph limit at Knapton Green and we now have the results, which in some ways are surprising.

We’ve put them up alongside the other SAM2 results from around Knapton so you can have a look and let us know what you think.   You can jump straight to the results page here.   You might need to scroll the page to see them, but it’s worth it.

A parishioner has found a a piece of Knapton’s history and has passed it to us to so that we can make it available for everyone to share.

Our sincere thanks go to Neil Flaxman who came across the original Poor Rate Book for the parish of Knapton in the Erpingham Union, showing the rates from April 1914 to October 1915.

Neil has asked if we can digitise it and display it on this site so that others might use and share it, which could be great news for those interested in our village’s history and for those wishing to trace their ancestors.   We will be doing as he asks (though it may take a while) and look forward to making it available for everyone to share.

Once we have completed that we will make sure that it goes somewhere where it can be safely displayed and preserved for future generations.

As you may know, David and Alison Glaze have recently moved out of the village to embark on the next exciting part of their life’s journey and of course we wish them well.   But it is tinged with sadness because for many years, Alison has been our village historian and a superb job she did of it too.

Over the years, Alison has weaved her magic through time and created an informed insight into a Knapton that few of us could have known, accumulating a mass of files, pictures and personal accounts along the way.

Just before she left, Alison offered all of her Knapton history files to us, so that we can digitise and preserve them and make them available for everyone to share on the condition that once we have finished, we make sure that they are safely preserved for future generations to explore and enjoy.
This we will gladly do.

Thank you Alison, for the wonderful legacy that you have left to the village of Knapton

Lady Dannatt MBE, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Norfolk, has written a moving tribute for His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on his recent passing.

You can download / read it here

The Parish Council have confirmed that the Knapton Angels will continue to be available to all residents within the parish throughout the new lockdown to ensure that everyone gets the help and support they need, when they need it

Led by the Parish Council, the Knapton Angels are local volunteers that want to make a difference for any parishioner who is self-isolating, are of an age or classified as vulnerable as a result of the Coronavirus.
We can;

  • collect prescriptions and deliver your medication to you
  • collect vital groceries and supplies and deliver them to you
  • post important parcels and letters to loved ones
  • be on the end of a phone to offer support

Since 21st March 2020, the Angels have responded to around five hundred requests for help from our parishioners and are ready and waiting to help anyone in need and you may even get you a little surprise to help brighten your day…

Find out more about what we can do on our dedicate Knapton Angels & Coronavirus page.

ANGELS Notice Board

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In these unprecedented times, the Parish Council has extended the funding of the Knapton Angels.   This will allow them to continue to provide help and support for those parishioners who are self isolating, are of an age or are classified as vulnerable during the lockdown and into next year.

Click here to visit the Angels page

  • Ring us on 01263 363456 Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm

  • Email us at anytime

  • On-line using our Contact Form anytime.

One of our Angels will do what they can to help.

Be vigilant :: be wary of strangers :: always ask for ID

You can check our councillors ID by clicking here.

The Angels have limited funds to help support parishioners struggling financially during this crisis.

You can find out more – in total confidencehere.

One of our Angels is acting as a hub for grocery orders placed with Jenny of Trunch Corner Stores by Knapton parishioners.

You can find out more here

Links to advice and guidance from the NHS, Police and the Government on what to do during this crisis.

Click here

Advice & guidance from Norfolk County Council and North Norfolk District Council

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Perched 43m above sea level on a hill with views of the sea, bordered by farm fields and long established woodland, criss-crossed by Quiet Lanes and well trodden footpaths, basking in the fresh sea air from the North Norfolk coast, Knapton is a little piece of heaven tucked away in a designated area of outstanding beauty.

We’re just three miles from the market town of North Walsham with it’s railway and shops, eight miles from the seaside resort of Cromer, with it’s pier, theatre and famous crab industry and twenty miles from Norwich.

And our sleepy little village is just a mile or two from the gorgeous sandy beaches at Mundesley, Trimingham, Overstrand, Bacton and Walcott…

The tall proud cliffs add to the stunning views for walkers and beach combers alike.

But to stay safe, everyone should respect the cliffs and not try to climb them as this part of the coast has recently experienced some dramatic cliff slides

A farming community, our farmers contribute in lots of ways to our village life

A tractor ploughing a field north side of Knapton
We are surrounded by beautiful, country Quiet Lanes weaving their way through our parish…
Our new Village Carpark
KPC Car Park Sign small imageCar Park 2 image

click the pic to twirl…

Our shiny new Village Short Stay Car Park, courtesy of Victory Housing, is now OPEN to visitors to the village and users of the Village Hall.

It’s sited in Hall Lane with safe pedestrian access almost opposite the Village Hall and vehicular access via the entrance in School Close.

  • safe pathway around the perimeter of the car park
  • nine car park spaces
  • one disabled space
  • four bicycle racks

We have a lot more details about the car park, including pictures, on our dedicated car park age.

You can also find out how to request an Overnight Parking Permit here, as the Parish Council is obliged to have unauthorised vehicles parked overnight removed.

We hope the car park makes access to functions and meetings in the Village Hall an even more pleasurable experience.   Enjoy.

Current Village Projects

FTTH Broadband

the Parish Council is starting to look at improving the broadband service in our village

Better Broadband service

full fibre broadband connected direct to our homes is faster and more reliable

let us know if you’re interested

Children's Playground

it's all done and we have signed it off, ready for our children to play safely

it's all finished

the Parish Council have completed of the refurbishment of the playground and signed it off

See more here

Road Safety

the Parish Council is pursuing five different ways to make our roads safer

you asked - we're trying

follow our progress as the Parish Council explores ways to slow down traffic in our parish

you can find out more here

Wilds Way

follow the progress of the new Victory housing development, now called Wilds Way

14 new homes

a brand new car park for the Village Hall and fourteen new family homes

here’s the latest

Knapton Parish Council Meeting
Tales from the Compost Heap

Parish Council Meeting

7 September @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Please note our new starting time of 7pm The Parish Council meetings have returned to the Village Hall now that Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, although we will be following NHS guidelines to keep everyone safe. The Minutes from the last [...]

You can download the next Parish Council Meeting’s Agenda below, usually from around a week before the meeting date
You can download the Minutes from the last Parish Council Meeting below, usually around a week after the meeting was held

May 2021
Tales From the Compost Heap
Hello Everyone,
What a dreadful Spring we have had ,the weather has been so […]

August 2020
Well hello everyone, I do hope you are all keeping well.   The vegetables are […]

May 2020
It’s May already.  First I do hope you are keeping well at this awful time. […]

February 2020
Happy New Growing Year 2020
We are having a very mild winter, things have been sprouting […]

September 2019
September is upon us and we all have had a limited amount of produce with […]

July 2019
It’s nearly August and the produce is coming in abundance.   The potatoes are being dug […]

Upcoming Events

Knapton Womens Own

3 August @ 2:15 pm - 5:00 pm

The Knitting & Stitching Group

4 August @ 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Knapton Womens Own – Group Meeting

7 September @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Parish Council Meeting

7 September @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

To see all the events planned in Knapton that we know about, please go to our What’s On page to see our Events Calendar or by clicking on the calendar image  -> -> ->

  • search for particular events
  • view them by calendar month or by list
  • see details of each event, where it’s being held and who’s running it
  • and then, if you wish, add them to your calendar at the click of a button.

If you’d like to share details of an event happening in Knapton, please use our Contact Form and let us know.

Events image
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