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Our independent website provides a common platform for all of the various groups within the parish, including the Parish Council, the Church, The Village Hall Committee, The Knapton News and others to share their news and information on-line.

Notice Board

The Minutes of the Annual Knapton Parish Meeting held on 7th May 2024 can be downloaded by clicking the box below.

Roadworks image

Although the main works have now been completed and all roads are open again, there are still works to be done, including;

  • marking the centre “bump”
  • moving and slightly changing the white lining
  • painting the 40mph gates
  • and the 40mph decal on the road

We are hoping these will be completed in the next week or so.

The Minutes of the Public Meeting held at The MADRA on October 30th are now available to download.

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Click the image above to go to our scam page

Trying to avoid being scammed by a voice on your phone or an email in your inbox is fast becoming a way of life!   How can you be sure if the polite voice on the end of the phone or the genuine looking email are really what they appear to be?
They probably are… but what if they’re not?

We have put together some simple ways that may help you to avoid being caught by these low-life


Knapton Support Hub

Events over the last few years have touched almost everyone, combining to magnify issues and problems that can seem insurmountable.
Fortunately there is support that can help to us get through these extremely difficult times and we have created a page dedicated to those services who can do just that across a wide range of issues from health & wellbeing to financial assistance to personal safety for adults and children.
Click anywhere on this panel to go to our Knapton Support Hub

Upcoming Planned Events

Knapton Village Pond Project

Pond Conservation Guide

Restoring, creating and managing ponds for wildlife

Village Pond Project

Click the image above to go to the Norfolk Ponds website

We are all privileged to live Knapton in many ways, but how many of us know about our secretive little neighbours that live in the Village Pond on the edge of Wilds Way.

Great Crested Newts are a protected species and the Parish Council are about to embark on a very special project to ensure their long term safety and to make sure that we all live happily ever after side by side.    The PC has teamed up with Norfolk Coast and the Norfolk Ponds Project to create a learning environment where by helping to build it, children learn about the world around them, and they want all the children and parents in School Close and Wilds Way in particular to get involved.
The project will;

  • make the pond as safe as we can so that our younger residents can enjoy it
  • design info boards to go onto the fence
  • make the path through the trees (which forms part of the “Permissible Path” from Knapton to Knapton Green) as safe as possible
  • expand the “Bug Hotel” that currently exists in a small clearing so that parents and children can get involved to learn more about the world around us
  • add seating in the area
  • plant a small orchard area so that the space is used positively

We’ll let you know more as more details are released, but if you can’t wait you can always contact our Parish Clerk

Great Crested Newt

Click the link above to view or download the YouTube video by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Help us to create…
info boards…
bug hotels
mini orchard…

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the committees…

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 ●  the Parish Council

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 ●  The Knitters & Stitchers
 ●  Clubbercise
 ●  Yoga & Mindfulness

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Perched 43m above sea level on a hill with views of the sea, bordered by farm fields and long established woodland, criss-crossed by Quiet Lanes and well trodden footpaths, basking in the fresh sea air from the North Norfolk coast, Knapton is a little piece of heaven tucked away in a designated area of outstanding beauty.

gnated area of outstanding beauty.

We’re just three miles from the market town of North Walsham with it’s railway and shops, eight miles from the seaside resort of Cromer, with it’s pier and theatre and twenty miles from Norwich.

And our sleepy little village is just a mile or two from the gorgeous sandy beaches at Mundesley, Trimingham, Overstrand, Bacton and Walcott…

The tall proud cliffs add to the stunning views for walkers and beach combers alike.

But to stay safe, everyone should respect the cliffs and not try to climb them as this part of the coast has recently experienced some dramatic cliff slides

A farming community, our farmers contribute in lots of ways to our village life

A tractor ploughing a field north side of Knapton
We are surrounded by beautiful, country Quiet Lanes weaving their way through our parish…

Current Village Projects

The Parish Plan

It's the to review the 2008 Village Plan to reflect Knapton today

The 2023 Parish Plan

We will be setting up a Parish Plan page once planning commences in the New Year

Coming soon

FTTH Broadband

County Broadband carrying out survey's in preparation of their fibre broadband service

Better Broadband service

full fibre broadband connected direct to our homes is faster and more reliable

click to find out more

Road Safety

the Parish Council is pursuing five different ways to make our roads safer

you asked - we're trying

follow our progress as the Parish Council explores ways to slow down traffic in our parish

you can find out more here

Knapton News

Our quarterly parish magazine provides useful contact information as well as features on events and projects in the village.   You can find our more about the Knapton News and access our magazine archive going back to June 2012 on our dedicated page here.

Knapton Angels

The parish council have confirmed that with Covid still lingering around, the Knapton Angels will continue to be available to all residents within the parish to ensure that everyone gets the help and support they need, the they need it.

Click here to go to the Angels page

Village Carpark

Click the image below to go to our dedicated Car Park page and find out how to request an
Overnight Parking Permit
to avoid vehicles parked overnight being removed.

Village Car Park overnight permit image
Next Knapton Parish Council Meeting
Tales from the Compost Heap
You can download the next Parish Council Meeting’s Agenda below, usually from around 5 days before the meeting date
You can download the Minutes from the last Parish Council meeting below, usually within a couple of weeks after the meeting was held

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Upcoming Events

To see all the events planned in Knapton that we know about, please go to our What’s On page to see our Events Calendar or by clicking on the calendar image  -> -> ->

  • search for particular events
  • view them by calendar month or by list
  • see details of each event, where it’s being held and who’s running it
  • and then, if you wish, add them to your calendar at the click of a button.

If you’d like to share details of an event happening in Knapton, please use our Contact Form and let us know.

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It’s your village

The Parish Council, the Knapton Angels , the Fête & Village Hall Committees and all the village clubs are made up of volunteers.

They are friends and neighbours who each give up a little of their spare time to make things better for all of us.

If you’d like to know more, why not get in touch and ask…

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