Refuse Collection


North Norfolk District Council contracts Kier to provide our Refuse Collection service and it’s keen to promote enthusiastic recycling.   It provides a Grey Bin for Household Waste and a Green Bin for Recycling to each residence and these are collected on alternate Tuesdays.
It can also provide Brown Bin(s) for garden waste as a chargeable service.

By clicking the button below you can check when your bins will be collected and download your bin collection calendar

Please remember to put your bins out by 6:30am on collection day, or the previous evening, as collection times may change

Grey Bin
Green Bin
Brown Bin

Once you have separated your recyclables, the rest of the household waste you produce should be placed in the grey bin, including cling film and polystyrene.

The more you recycle, the less you will have to place in the grey bin, which is large enough to hold four or five full (but not crammed) black sacks, or their equivalent.

Do not cram or stuff waste into the grey bin, or put so much in that the lid won’t close.
The bin is emptied mechanically into the lorry, and if rubbish is so jammed in that it won’t fall out, the refuse collectors will return the bin to you full.

Any extra waste left beside your grey bin will not be collected
If there are six or more permanent residents in your household, or if a member of your household has a medical condition that results in the creation of additional waste, please contact us to discuss your eligibility for a larger bin.

Health and Hygiene
You may have concerns with regard to the health and hygiene implications of the grey rubbish bin that will be collected fortnightly. However, there will be little smell and no risk to public health if you double wrap food scraps and remains in plastic bags, double wrap nappies, and store the bin out of direct sunlight.

Your recyclables should be placed loose in your green bin – not in bags.

Things that can go in your green bin include:
(don’t forget to rinse them out first)

Green bin items allowed image
  • Food and drink cans, both aluminium and steel
  • Glass – all bottles and jars (so no more trips to the bottle bank!)
  • Aluminium foil and trays including takeaway and ready meal containers
  • Plastic pots including yoghurt pots, containers for gravies and fresh sauces
  • Plastic food tubs and trays including margarine tubs, meat and vegetable trays
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Plastic bottles, such as milk, drinks, bleach, shampoo
  • Paper, including envelopes (including windowed), shredded paper and cardboard
  • Food and drink cartons including milk, juice, smoothie and soup containers
    Bottle tops can be left on

Things that can’t go in your green bin include:

Green bin items not allowed image
  • toys, video tapes, CD’S and DVD’s
  • plastic plant pots, washing up bowls
  • cutlery and drainer trays
  • plastic paint pots
  • soft plastic – polystyrene
  • bubble wrap, plastic sheets, carrier bags
  • sweets and crisp wrappers
  • nappies
  • textile (clothing, carpet and shoes)
  • wood and metal paint tins

This is a chargeable service provided by NNDC and contracted to Kier May Gurney.  It runs between March and November with collections taking place fortnightly on Fridays.
Each brown bin costs;

  • £49 per year each when paid for via Direct Debit
  • or £55 per year for other payment methods

Clicking the button below will take you to the North Norfolk District Council web page where you can order as many as you like.

Things that can go in your brown bin include;

Brown bin items allowed image
  • Grass cuttings, weeds, leaves
  • Flowers, plants, vegetable tops
  • Hedge clippings, twigs, bark
  • Small branches
  • Christmas trees
  • Shredded paper

Currently you are not able to dispose of kitchen waste (e.g. vegetable peelings etc.) in the brown bin.

Any additional garden waste placed alongside the brown bin will not be collected

Please be careful not to fill the bin so it is too heavy to move.