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We take look back at the railway that ran through Knapton over the 66 odd years of history that changed lives, for a while at least, 
We view our station as it was, with steam and diesel… we follow the line and re-visit the other stations along our coastal line and discover why the stations were built there in the first place, we find a WW2 mortar emplacement, we find out more about all FOUR of Cromer’s railway stations and we ride on the Ghost Train…
We hope you enjoy our little overview and we have provided our acknowledgement of resources below should anyone want to know more.   Enjoy.

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Cromer High by Graphic artist James Mindham

Cromer High railway station
by Graphic artist James Mindham

Our Station

Knapton station when first built

Our Line

Knapton station when first built

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Knapton station when first built