Outline map of the parish
The Parish of Knapton

The civil parish of Knapton is located in the district of North Norfolk and lies within a rural area designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Just a mile from the beautiful North Norfolk coast and surrounded by open farmland, the parish nestles between six other parishes;

  • Mundesley
  • Paston
  • Edingthorpe
  • North Walsham
  • Trunch
  • Swafield

Explore the Quiet Lanes that criss-cross this picturesque area on bicycle or, to really get the most from the beautiful views and the clean fresh air, on foot.

Contact Us

We’d like to hear your opinion.

To raise a concern or share a thought about any aspect of our village, you can contact the Parish Council here on-line using our Contact Form.   Choose a subject from the drop down list (or select Something Else if there’s no appropriate choice) and type away.

The councillor responsible for your chosen subject will usually respond within 24hrs.

Your Parish Council

Made up entirely of parishioners, the Parish Council is the first tier of local government for the parish of Knapton, North Norfolk.

Seven Councillors are elected, or co-opted, every four years to represent the interests of their fellow residents of the village and each year the Council elects a Chairman and Vice-Chairman to oversee the conduct of meetings.

All Parish Councillors are volunteers and come from various backgrounds, thereby providing a range of skills and a variety views.

The Parish Council meets most months on the first Tuesday of the month in the Village Hall to discuss the operation and upkeep of Parish Council facilities, as well providing representation on a variety of other local issues.

Role of the Parish Clerk

The Parish Council employs a Parish Clerk who is required to attend all Council meetings and is responsible for;

  • the smooth running of the Council’s business
  • implementing the decisions of the Council
  • the Council’s financial management
  • giving professional guidance to Councillors where necessary whilst remaining neutral and discrete
  • preparing, circulating and displaying agendas in public places
  • recording and circulating meeting minutes
  • managing council documentation
  • a million and one other things…

The Parish Clerk is the first point of contact for the Council and all correspondence should be addressed to them.   You can find the contact details on our Contact Form.

Would you like to be part of something good…

If you would like to know more about becoming a Parish Councillor and having some influence on our village, you can email the Parish Clerk to find out if there are any current vacancies and check out the North Norfolk District Council website for more details. The next Parish Council Elections will be held in May 2021.

Higher Tiers of Government
Currently, Knapton falls within;

  • the Mundesley Division of Norfolk County Council
  • Trunch Ward of North Norfolk District Council
  • the North Norfolk parliamentary constituency
  • and the Eastern UK constituency of the European Parliament.

Council Funding
The Council is funded in two ways;

  • the Precept is a tax on village residents which is collected on our behalf by NNDC as an addition to the District and County Council Tax, and paid to the Parish Council in two equal instalments
  • money raised by the Parish Council through its own activities, including the allotment rentals

What is the Council
Local parishioners working for the good of the parish

  • the council comprises of seven councillors, including the Chairman and Vice-Chairman
  • each with their own specific role to focus on
  • when required, the Chairman may ask several councillors to form a committee to work as a team on a larger project or issue
Meetings & Minutes

Parish Meetings
The Parish Council meets most months of the year on the first Tuesday of the month in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.  We will ensure that the Events Calendar always shows the correct next meeting date,  reflecting any necessary changes.

Meeting Minutes are posted here on the website usually within ten days of the meeting taking place.

The Agenda for the next meeting is usually finalised around a week or so before it’s due to take place, to allow for last minute additions to be considered.
It’s forwarded to each council member, posted here on the website and a hard copy is put on the noticeboard next to the telephone kiosk in The Street at least three working days before the meeting.

Download the Agenda for the next meeting below

Download older Agendas and Minutes from our archive

Go to our Archive

Annual Parish Meeting
The Annual Parish meeting usually takes place on the same day as the regular parish council meeting every May, starting at 7.oopm.

Have your say
In the interest of openness and transparency we encourage our parishioners to attend our meetings and bear witness to the discussions, though we respectfully point out that this is primarily the forum where the Parish Council conducts it’s business.

So although the public cannot intervene during the meeting (unless invited to do so by the Chairman) there is a public forum at the end of each meeting when members of the public are invited to address the Council and raise any issues they may have.

Knapton Parish Councillors :: October 2020
Peter Neatherway - Chairman
Peter Neatherway (Chair)
11 Lawn Close, Knapton
NR28 0SD
Mobile: 07795 014968
Website Development
Patrick Lee - Vice-chairman
Patrick Lee (Vice-Chair)
12 Lawn Close, Knapton
NR28 0SD
Tel: (01263) 721335
Knapton Allotments
Dee Holroyd - Parish Clerk
Mrs Dee Holroyd (Parish Clerk)
Verbena Cottage, The Street, Knapton
NR28 0AD
Tel: (01263) 720 356
Smooth running of the council
Alan Young - Councillor
Alan Young
Old Hall Barn, Hall Lane, Knapton
NR28 0SG
Tel: (01263) 721544
Planning Applications and BGT

Click here to view or download the list of current officers of Knapton Parish Council

John Lawton - Councillor
John Lawton
Green Farm, Paston, Norfolk
NR28 9SZ
Tel: (01263) 720713
Communications & Social Media
Elizabeth Winter - Councillor
Elizabeth (Liz) Winter
18 Lawn Close, Knapton
NR28 0SD
No Tel
Parish footpaths and walkways
Keith Lawrence - Councillor
Keith Lawrence
The Old Station, Paston Road
Knapton, NR28 0FD
Tel: 07551 470178
Community Liaison
Tracy Smith - Councillor
Tracy Smith
10 Knapton Green, Knapton
NR28 0RU
Tel: 07587 360698
Event Management
Our MP, County and District Councillors
Right Hon, Mr Duncan Baker
Right Hon, Mr Duncan BakerMember of Parliament
Elected as the Conservative Member of Parliament for the constituency of North Norfolk in December 2019, replacing the Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb.

Tudor House, Grammar School Lane, North Walsham, NR28 9JH

Tel: (01692) 557140
Email: duncan@duncanbaker.org.uk

Dr Edward Maxfield
Dr Edward MaxfieldNorfolk County Councillor
Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, elected as the representative of the Mundesley Division of Norfolk County Council in May 2017.

9a Mundesley Road, North Walsham, Norfolk, NR28 0DA

Tel: 07449 706215 (Mobile)
Tel: 01692 403752 (Work)
Email: edward.maxfield.cllr@norfolk.gov.uk

Mr Greg Hayman
Mr Greg Hayman North Norfolk District Councillor
Elected as the Member of North Norfolk District Council for Trunch Ward (Antingham Parish, Gimingham Parish, Knapton Parish, Swafield Parish, Trunch Parish) in May 2019.

North Norfolk District Council, Holt Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9EN

Email: greg.hayman@north-norfolk.gov.uk