Playground Inspection & Maintenance

Annual Inspections
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The Parish Council has the playground inspected every year to ensure that it meets all regulations and is Health & Safety approved.

The inspections, which are extremely thorough and take several hours to complete, are usually carried out by The Play Inspection Company, one of the most experienced and respected companies in the play industry.

Gaps are measured, bolts are checked, swings and slides tested and verified as being safe.   Regulations are very tight these days and approval is required for insurance purposes.

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The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) is the official UK body for accrediting and certificating play inspectors.

Monthly Inspections
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Our insurer requires that;

All equipment, devices and facilities… are inspected at least once every four weeks or more frequently as set out in the guidelines sent out by the Register of Playground Inspectors International Authority and all defects or risks to health and safety are immediately rectified or the equipment, device or facility taken out of use.


Blank Monthly Inspection Report

We have provided two versions of the same blank Monthly Inspection Report below, one in Word format and the other PDF format.

  • If you intend to complete the form by hand, please use black ink (for clarity when we scan it) and we suggest you use the PDF version
  • If you intend to fill in the form via a computer or tablet, we suggest you use the Word version

In both cases, email your completed form to .  Our Parish Clerk will retain a hard copy for council records and forward your email to us so that we can host it here on the web site.

Download in Word format:

Download in PDF format:

Monthly Inspection Reports

The monthly reports carried out by – or on behalf of – the Parish Council are available below in date order, with the most recent at the top.
Please note:  These files are around 3 A4 pages long, possibly with pictures so the file size can be quite large.

Annual Inspection Reports

The annual reports carried out by the Play Inspection Company are available below in date order, with the most recent at the top.
Please note:  These files are around 35 A4 pages long with pictures so the file size are around 2Mb.