Famous Knaptonians…

John Sell Cotman

16 May 1782 – 24 July 1842

Marine and landscape painter, etcher, illustrator, author and leading member of the Norwich School of painters.

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Bernard Hale

1607 – 1663

After a life of piety and education, Bernard retired to Knapton in around 1663

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Gillian Shephard

1940 – ????

Born in Knapton, Baroness Shephard of Northwold was a Conservative politician, the MP for SW Norfolk and served as a Cabinet Minister.

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John Henry Wild

1912 – 2005

Served in the Royal Artillery, was born and lived his whole life in Knapton, served on the Parish Council for over 57 years

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Constance Robinson

1879 to 1968

Born and lived her whole life in Knapton, a wonderfully generous benefactor to the village, president of the WI, magistrate, church organist and highly respected for her kindness

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