Parish Council Achievements

We’ve heard through the grapevine that there are some in the parish who appear to be unaware of what our Parish Council has been working on and what it has managed to achieve over the last two and a half years or so.   Perhaps it’s understandable that if someone isn’t aware of what the council has been doing, they might assume that it hasn’t been doing anything.

But we find this a little strange, especially given the compliments that the council recently received from both our District Councillor and our local MP for its outstanding efforts for the community.

The Parish Council had a long to do list when it took over

Anyway, we thought that we’d balance things up a bit by having a peek at our current parish council’s to-do list since it took over three years ago and showcase some of its completed and on-going projects.

And before we receive lots of comments on Facebook or Next-door or emails telling us about other things that this extremely active parish council has done, we know it’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s still pretty impressive.

…I’ve been on this council on and off since the eighties and more has being achieved by this council then any other.

Pat Lee Vice Chair

Wilds Way Estate
01. regular on-site meetings during development
02. agreed flintwork to be incorporated on new properties
03. agreed funding contribution towards junction

Village Hall Short Stay Car Park
04. oversaw the building of the car park
05. installed boards to explain legal use of car park
06. currently finalising transfer of land registry title to PC

07. negotiated retention of, and arranged repair of, flagpole

08. refurbished the Millennium Beacon
09. currently awaiting re-location

Children’s Playground
10. raised funds for additional play units
11. complete refurbishment of all units
12. arranged for new bench seat
13. currently, manage annual maintenance plan
14. monitored and repaired vandalism

15. agreed new lease for council owned land

The Street
13. installed new bench seat at Lawn Close
14. replacement post supporting Low Bridge warning sign

The Knapton Angels
15. created, managed and funded the volunteer group
16. currently providing help to those in need

17. installed “no right of way signage” at lane entrance
18. installed a night vision security camera to monitor access

Defibrillator (working with the Fete Committee)
19. raised funds and organised installation of Defibrillator
20. arranged free training for residents

SAM2 Speed Awareness Camera
21. raised funds for purchase of SAM2 camera
22. agreed and arranged install of 5 location posts
23. currently, camera is re-sited every 4-6 weeks
24. currently, data is passed to police and put on this site

Neighbourhood Watch
25. currently, the council is supporting this service

Village Hall back lane access
26. arranged for a new wooden post with reflectors to replace concrete post in the back lane

Walkway between Knapton & Mundesley
27. negotiated with landowners to create the walkway
28. agreed with Mundesley PC to share maintenance cost
29. currently, managing maintenance of the walkway

Waste Bins
30. installed a new waste bin on Knapton Green
31. currently, manage contract to empty it bi-weekly

Dog Waste Bins
32. installed a new dog waste bin on Knapton Green
33. installed a new dog waste bin on Paston Road
34. currently, manage contracts to empty both bi-weekly

All-Weather Display Cabinets
35. refurbished map cabinet in The Street
36. new footpath map cabinet near the old station

Robinson Loke
37. funded and replaced road name sign

Bus Stop
38. carried out the cleaning of the bus stop and surround

Remembrance Sunday service
39. attended annual wreath laying on Remembrance Sundays

Litter Pick
40. arranged and carried out extended litter pick

41. made donation towards mowing costs

Christmas Trees permanent bases
42. funded and constructed base in Knapton
43. funded and constructed base in Knapton Green

Christmas Trees with lights
44. funded & erected a Christmas Tree in Knapton
45. erected a (donated) Christmas Tree in Knapton Green
46. currently, planning for two trees this year

Advent Calendars
47. funded & delivered free advent calendars for each child in the parish

Christmas Gift
48. funded & delivered free gift for each child in the parish

Knapton Green Village Sign
49. funded replacement of the village sign at Knapton Green

50. reported and achieved mowing of overgrown footpaths

51. reported and achieved removal of various fly tipping

Pot-holes & Drains
52. reported and monitored repairs to numerous potholes and blocked drains

Road signs
53. reported and monitored attention to faded signs or those hidden by foliage

Walkway between Knapton & Knapton Green
54. negotiated with landowner and farmer to create the walkway
55. worked with parishioner to create the path through wood by the pond

New Village Website
56. developed a more informative and encompassing village website
57. currently, around 100 pages, continually developing and expanding site
58. currently, converting our village historians archive to be on-line

Social Media
59. created council presence social media, incl Facebook groups & NextDoor

Full-fibre Broadband
60. negotiating a village-wide superfast fibre broadband solution
61. currently, gathering registrations to establish level of interest

Land transfer negotiation
62. currently finalising transfer of land in NW corner of Wilds Way to PC

Joint Parish Council speed limit extension
63. working with Swafield and Mundesley Parish Councils to extend the speed limits on the B1145 between Swafield and Mundesley.
64. currently, awaiting outcome of RSFC application

Tree Planting
64. successfully negotiated delivery of around 3000 trees to plant in the parish, delivery due December 10th 2022
65. currently, planned village event for donation based distribution

Anglian Water Sewerage
66. working with Anglian Water to implement a new village sewerage system

Speed limit extension in Hall Lane
67. negotiated and agreed with Highways to extend the 30mph speed limit in Hall Lane from MADRA to the Butterfly Walk.
Project completed 27th May 2022

Re-modelling of junction
69. negotiated and agreed with Highways to re-model the junction of the B1145 / Hall Lane / The Street
70. currently, waiting for Highways to implement – mid-2023

School Close / Wilds Way
71. currently, in talks with the Victory Housing Trust, NNDC and Highways, with our DC Ed Maxfield and our local MP Duncan Baker, regarding parking issues and road safety issues

we believe that’s over seventy issues that have either been resolved, are on-going, or are in the process of being sorted in almost exactly thirty six months.
you do the math…