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Knapton Community Speed Watch

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An amazing group of residents in our village, led by Tracey Healey, have approached us for support to arrange a Community Speed Watch.   We are keen to support anything that makes our village safer, especially given our current focus on road safety.

This action faced an initial setback because all of the necessary equipment had been allocated and that there was no available budget for new equipment to be purchased until the scheme, which is funded by Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership Board, was reviewed in April 2020.

Undeterred, the group didn’t give up and managed to get the decision reversed.   They are now working with the Police to setup the Community Speed Watch.   Their tenacity is an example to us all and Councillor John Lawton is providing support on behalf of the parish council.

Click the image on the left to find out more about Norfolk Constabulary’s Community Speed Watch programme and download their Community Speed Watch booklet.

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Community Speed Watch Blog
2711, 2019

It is really very positive news to see the steps that are now being taken to address the road safety issues for residents, pedestrians and road users.

Having read the proposals it would be appreciated by those of us who live on the 40 mph roads within the village signs,  where this speed limit is flagrantly ignored on a daily basis,  if this part of the proposal was strengthened and made clearer.  It is not just the turning into Hall Lane and The Street from the Mundesley Rd where the speed limits are exceeded but also where drivers transition (or not) from the national speed limit sections travelling towards Mundesley or North Walsham.

The volunteers for the CSW have now passed stage one of the process to form the group and risk assessments and training will take place in Jan/Feb; the Mundesley Rd 40mph section has been submitted as an area the CSW will monitor along with Hall Lane/The Street.

Tracey Healey

How you can help…

The more evidence that’s gathered, the stronger the case becomes for justifying Police action that could result in greater enforcement of the speed limit to make our roads safer.

So please let us know if you can identify any vehicles driving without due care & attention by using our Contact Form and selecting Road Safety as the subject.

Community Speed Watch in North Norfolk – The Numbers

North Norfolk has ten Community Speed Watch teams made up of 79 volunteers who work with Norfolk Police to help keep our roads safe.

In November 2019 the teams carried out over 15 hrs of volunteering time recording 65 vehicles in excess of the speed limit.

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Police will be contacting the drivers of these vehicles

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