Our Allotments

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Although working an allotment requires a few hours commitment each week from Spring through to Autumn, growing your own vegetables and fruit on an allotment garden is a great way to get outdoors, be active and eat well.

Cultivation of the site’s fertile land has enhanced its productivity, so with a little effort and good management a large variety of crops can be produced, including soft fruit and a broad range of vegetables.
The usual range of potatoes, beans, brassicas and roots is complimented by more exotic crops, like asparagus and celeriac.   Rhubard abounds, and Apple, pear and cherry trees have appeared alongside the blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and currants.

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Access to the Allotments
An unmade lane provides access to the allotment site which, because it doesn’t lead to anywhere else, is strictly for the use of allotment holders only.

Parking and Deliveries
As well as offering limited parking for allotment holders, it also provides access for authorised tractors to the site for the delivery of compost and manure.

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No Public Right of Way
Recently installed signage clearly indicates that neither the lane nor the allotment site offer any public right of way for tourists, dog walkers or anyone else who is not actually renting an allotment plot.

The Allotment Association is duty bound to deter and, if necessary, prosecute trespassers who access this site.

It has also installed new day/night vision CCTV cameras to monitor all foot and vehicular traffic both on the lane and around the allotment site.

The Knapton Allotment Association

The Knapton Allotment Association, which operates in a clear and transparent manner for the good of all the plot holders, manages the allotment site, ensuring that all plot holders respect their tenancy agreement and operate within the Conditions of Use.

Currently, the officers are…

Chair & Site Manager
Patrick Lee
(01263) 721335

Diane Manley
(01263) 721508

Georgina Neatherway
(07824) 359068

The History  of the Plots

The wonderfully generous Miss Constance Robinson gave 3.35 acres of land which formed part of the grounds of Knapton Hall, by Deed of Gift to the Parish Council in 1965 for use as allotments.   The Deed states that;

…if at any time the said land hereby conveyed shall not be required for use as allotments … or for other recreational purposes for the said Parish of Knapton then the Council shall transfer the land to the Rector and Churchwardens for the time being of the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul Knapton to be held by them upon trust for sale for the general purposes of the said Church.

You can view or download the original Deed of Gift or, because the text is very faded, a text only version.   Please note that both files are quite big.

The Numbers

There are a total of 22 plots in 3 sizes in 3.2 acres of land.
Each plot has a narrow access path either side of it and each plot holder must maintain the path on the west side of their plot (the side nearest to Hall Lane).
The allotment plot sizes are currently;

  • full plots of 43 poles, measuring 92m by 12m  –  100yds by 13yds
  • half plots of 21.5 poles, measuring 46m by 12m  –  50yds by 13yds
  • third plots of 14 poles, measuring 30m by 12m  –  33yds by 13yds

For those who aren’t sure, or may have forgotten…
1 pole = 5½ yards x 5½ yards  =  30.25 sq. yds.  =  25.30 m2

Admit it… you didn’t know that, did you…

Site Management

The day to day running of the site is managed by Patrick Lee, who;

  • ensures the security and integrity of the site
  • maintains the allotment site
  • represents the views of the allotment holders at the Parish Council meetings

Pat is also Vice-Chair of Knapton Parish Council and the councillor responsible for Knapton Allotments, which means that he is perfectly placed to liaise between the Allotment Association and the Parish Council on any issues that arise.
He also arranges for deliveries of manure for plot holders and takes the necessary action when a plot holder gives their plot back.

The Rents

Annual Rent
The annual rental payment per plot is set by the Allotment Association and is payable annually in advance on or before 11th October of each year.

The annual plot rentals for 2019-20 are;

  • £15 for a full plot
  • £7.50 for a half of a plot
  • £5 for a third of a plot

Three months notice will be given by the Allotment Association to each plot holder for any changes made to these annual rental amounts, with the revised amount taking effect on the next annual renewal date of 11th October.

Applying for a plot on Knapton Allotments

How to apply…
You can apply to rent an allotment plot in a number of ways.   You can…

complete our on-line Contact Form, selecting Allotments from the drop-down list

have a chat with the Association Chair at the next Parish Council meeting

Once your application has been vetted and accepted, we will contact you with details of any plots available.

If none are available immediately, your name will be added to the Allotment Waiting List.

Plot Choice
If you are interested in renting a plot and you reside within the Knapton Parish, we’d be happy to show you around and give you the opportunity to view the available plot before deciding whether to take it on.

Plot Deposit
All new plot owners are required to pay a deposit of £20 before a plot is allocated.   This is due to the Allotment Association retaining the right to reclaim from a departing tenant the cost of restoring their plot to a tenantable condition, should it be necessary.
However the Association will not cause hardship and will be considerate towards any applicant with a limited ability to pay that it believes could enjoy the benefits of allotment gardening.

This deposit is returnable upon termination of the tenancy, if the plot is relinquished in a clean and tidy tenantable state.

Plot Acceptance
Plots are issued on an annually renewable basis and all plot holders are asked to sign a new 12-month Tenancy Agreement each year with effect from 11th October.
Once both parties have agreed, the paperwork is done and all necessary monies paid over, the plot is passed to the tenant for them to use within the Allotment Conditions of Use to grow fruit and vegetables for their table.

Many of our allotment holders give some of their crop to local charities and Care Homes and most are often seen swapping fruit or veg between themselves on the site.
That’s nice…

Allotment Plot Waiting List
Because our allotments are popular and plots are not always available, there is an official Waiting List which is managed by the Allotment Association.

The policy for maintaining this list, which ensures complete transparency and fairness for all applicants, operates as follows;

  • residents of Knapton Parish will always be given preference over non-residents
  • plots are allocated in order of the date that we received the application
  • applicants that choose to refuse an available plot on two separate occasions will be put to the bottom of the Waiting List, as it is at that time
  • parishioners who do not already have an allotment will take priority over parishioners who already hold a plot
  • new, inexperienced plot holders may be allocated smaller sized plots initially
  • existing smaller plot holders may be given first refusal on an adjacent additional smaller plot (only if there is no waiting list)
  • existing plot holders may be offered a full size plot on relinquishment of a smaller plot, subject to availability (official request required)
  • no more than one full size plot per plot holder (unless there is no waiting list)

The Association will advise the next person on the Waiting List as soon as it receives notification from the holding tenant that the plot will become available and when their tenancy could start (which could be several months later)
Should that applicant not want the available plot, it will be passed to the next applicant on the list, and so on.

Some FAQs that might help…

The allotment I have been allocated is overgrown, will you clear it for me?
No. We do not clear plots before letting them and some of them might be overgrown when we re-let them.
Whilst some plots are handed back to the Association in good condition, most are not, even though it is made very clear to tenants that they will lose their deposits if their allotment is not handed back in a clear and tidy state.   If you have any concerns with the condition of the plot, please let us know before accepting the tenancy

There is a lot of rubbish on my plot, will you take it away for me?
Generally no.   You must let us know before accepting your tenancy about any waste on the plot that will need to be moved.  We might offer to assist and to remove some large items of non-organic waste, if necessary by prior agreement, but the decision to do this is made on a case by case basis.
When clearing your plot it might be that you subsequently unearth a lot of waste.   We may ask for a contribution towards removal, if you need our assistance

Is water provided on site?
No. All tenants are encouraged to collect their own rainwater.

Will the Allotment Association arrange for deliveries of manure or compost to the site?
Occasionally, if requested by allotment holders

What can I do with the organic waste from my plot which can’t be composted?
The Association does not collect organic waste from our allotments, however, you can bag it up and place in your recycling bin at home

My husband/wife/partner/friend who I was working the plot with no longer wants to do it/has died/moved away/is ill – can I transfer the Allotment Tenancy Agreement into my name?
Yes you can, as long as you are resident in the parish and you have been seen to be actively working the allotment.

I have moved out of the parish, but I can still travel to the allotment site, is this ok?
Our allotments will only be rented to parish residents.   If a resident with an allotment moves out of the parish, they may;

  • give notice but retain the allotment until the next annual renewal date in October to allow them time to harvest their crop, but then they must give them up
  • hand the allotment back at the time of their move

I have moved but I still reside in the parish, do I need to let anyone know?
Yes please, kindly email the Association Secretary or use our Contact Form (selecting Allotments from the drop-down list) here on-line to let them know your new address so they can amend our records