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This blog covers all four of the Parish Council’s current road safety initiatives;

  1. SAM2 speed awareness camera
  2. 30mph speed limit extension on Hall Lane
  3. Re-modelling of the junction at Hall Lane, The Street & Knapton Road
  4. HGV traffic on The Street
  • Blog entries are shown in chronological order
  • Each entry may relate to one or more initiatives
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Road Safety Blog & Timeline

October 2020

13th October | SAM2 Camera
Site Posts installed
Posts were installed in the five locations as identified by the Parish Council Road Safety committee and approved by Highways.

September 2020

21st September | SAM2 Camera
Westcotec Planning Dept
Westcotec requested a site location plan of where the posts are too be installed.   We responded accordingly.

11th September | 30mph Extension
Queries from Highways
Received queries from Highways regarding gates and locations.
The Road safety committee considered and responded to Highways satisfaction.

August 2020

4th August 2020 | 30mph Extension
Highways Site Location Plan
Today we received the Site Location Plan from the Highways department of Norfolk County Council showing the proposed 30mph […]

July 2020

14th July 2020 | Junction & 30mph Extension
Highways Status Confirmation
Confirmation by the Highways Department that both of our road Safety initiatives, the re-modelling of […]

June 2020

23rd June 2020 | SAM2 camera
SAM2 Camera ordered
The Parish Council has officially ordered the SAM2 speed awareness camera.
Delivery and installation is expected to be around the […]

March 2020

14th March 2020n | 30mph Extension
Necessary funds confirmed.
The Chairman advised the Parish Councillors that all necessary funds have now been confirmed and he has […]

6th March 2020 | All 3 Road Safety initiatives
Our MP, Duncan Baker, offers his support
Today, Duncan Baker MP offered his support for our Road […]

3rd March 2020 | Junction
Victory Housing contribution to Road Safety initiatives

Today we received confirmation via email that Flagship, owners of Victory Housing, have agreed to pay […]

February 2020

28th February 2020 | All 3 Road Safety initiatives
Fetè Committee contribution

Today, the Knapton Fete Committee confirmed that they will make £7,000 available […]

4th February 2020 | The Street HGV
Initiative Postponed
At the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 4th Feb, it was agreed to postpone taking any action to monitor […]

November 2019

20th November 2019 | SAM2 Camera
Highways confirmed acceptance of 5 sites for SAM2 camera
Highways have confirmed their acceptance of the five sites identified by the council […]

October 2019

22nd October 2019 | 30mph Extension & Junction
Highways emailed response to site visit
Steve White arranged for a colleague who specialises in traffic management […]

8th October 2019 | All 3 Road Safety initiatives
Committee meeting with Police & Highways
The committee met with PC Paul Gwynn, […]

7th October 2019 | 30mph Extension
A resident’s concerns about speeding in Hall Lane

We received this email today from a resident who is concerned about the traffic […]

2nd October 2019 | All 3 Road Safety initiatives
Road Safety Committee site meeting with Police & Highways
The Knapton Parish Council Road Safety Committee is […]

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