May 2021
What a dreadful Spring we have had ,the weather has been so cold. The poor seeds, they are shivering in their skins, it is a surprise they have germinated ,But as I walk around the allotments, there are a lot of young seedlings appearing, they are growing slower than usual but some are ready to eat, like the radish.
We have had a lovely lot of rain, all the tanks are filling up.
The tomatoes and cucumbers are looking sad in the polytunnel as the weather is not warm enough for them, the tomatoes are looking blue, soon as the warmer weather arrives they will leap ahead, “I hope”.
There is a lot of blossom on the apple trees, but there are not enough bees about so we will see and hope for some fruit. We still have a bowl of apples in the kitchen, I made an apple pie at the weekend but I think that is the last one until September.
One success is the rhubarb, I have put some in the freezer already, rhubarb loves moisture and we definitely have had rain in abundance, we only had a few meals last year as it was such a dry spring. The gooseberries are growing too and before the pigeons get them (they all disappeared last year in a couple of days) I will be covering them at the weekend. Everyones potatoes are doing well and have been earthed up already. Mine are just showing, I am always late planting them, I wait until the comfrey is growing, as I put a bed of comfrey in the hole I have dug and put the seed potato on top, it is a very old gardeners tip and I have always done this and my crop is always good but everyone gets good potatoes on our allotments, the ground is so lovely,  it is all the years of working and feeding the soil. All our strawberries have a lot of flowers, we just need the bees and insects to pollinate them .*I don’t think we will have any in time for Wimbledon though!!*
*Good growing everyone* ,let’s hope we have lots of good crops. It is always a treat when we pick our first courgette or eat our first tomato, there is nothing quite like picking your own produce.
Keep well everyone ,keep planting and weeding they grow whatever the weather ! Oh, the carrots we put in  very large pots are growing well we pulled one and it was the size of a pencil and very long and tasted good, so “great expectations” in the carrot department.
Again, keep well everyone and enjoy your gardening.
All the best

Green Fingers