May 2020
It’s May already.  First I do hope you are keeping well at this awful time. But there is a lot to do on the allotment and our gardens.  We are battling with the weeds as always.

A good fertilizer is made with nettles, comfrey and borage, chop them up and put them in a bucket of water and add one ladle full of this smelly concoction to a watering can then sit back and watch the plants “smile”.  Also I saw on the Beechgrove gardening programme how to make potting compost.  Sieve some home made compost and sieve some leaf mould then add some sand, about two scoops, then add the sieved compost and leaf mould until it looks like the soil we buy in the bag. We are never to old to learn new things. These recipes are because we can’t get to the garden centre’s hope they are helpful to you all.

The tomato plants I put in the polytunnel are looking well. There are loads of green plants to put in, be sure to firm them in.
The garlic and onions are growing well in the pots, ready to go in the ground they will have a nice root system which will give them a flying start.

We still have a few apples and potatoes from last season they are a bit soft but we will have used them all by the end of May.

In these uncertain times the allotments and  gardens are increasingly important.

Keep sowing and digging for Victory, these troubled times won’t last forever.


Green Fingers