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Road Safety

Vehicles callously disregarding the speed limits, heavy vehicles using The Street and the quiet lanes as rat-runs to Bacton power station and driver’s complete disregard for the safety of others at the junction of Hall Lane and Knapton Road have steadily increased in recent years, causing concern and distress for residents and road users alike.

Parish Council records show that over the years, questions have been raised about safety on our roads time and again by councillors and residents alike, but to no avail because of the difficulty in trying to address them.

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It’s time to stop kicking the can down the road.
I have a great team around me who share my view that with the advent of the Millenium Field development, the time is right to make a concerted effort to effect changes which will make a real difference to the residents of Knapton Parish before someone is seriously injured, or worse.
But no-one should be under any illusion, it’s going to be a long and difficult journey. The obstacles are daunting, the hoops are barely big enough to jump through and the financial implications will be challenging.   Early conversations with the Police and the Highways Department would suggest at least eighteen months and that’s assuming we are successful, but until we start, the clock isn’t even running.
All that said, with the help of our residents, I’m confident we can do it.

Peter Neatherway
Chairman of Knapton Parish Council

Fresh from the success of refurbishing the village playground, the current parish council is fast earning a well deserved reputation for getting things done and it has decided that dealing with road safety in and around our village is next on the list of long standing issues to finally be dealt with.   It has setup a dedicated committee to focus efforts on improving road safety in the village and work with neighbouring parishes to make our roads safer for residents and road users alike.

The Road Safety Committee
Working with the Police, Highways & Bacton Gas Terminal

The committee comprises of four councillors and is led by Councillor John Lawton.

  • John Lawton – Councillor responsible for Communication & Social Media
  • Peter Neatherway – Chair of Knapton Parish Council
  • Alan Young – Councillor responsible for Bacton Gas Terminal & Planning
  • Liz Winter – Councillor responsible for Footpaths and Walkways

The committee has four main objectives which can be seen by clicking on the appropriate box below.   It will also be liaising with neighbouring parishes to explore any possibilities of co-ordinating traffic management efforts.
In addition, it will be reporting on the condition and visibility of existing road management infrastructure, including speed limit signs, to the Highways Department for maintenance and refurbishment.

Road Safety & Speed Watch Blogs
The committee will maintain both a Road Safety blog and a Speedwatch blog at the bottom of this page so that progress can be monitored.   You can add your comments about any of our Road Safety initiatives using the Contact Form and choosing Road Safety as the subject

The Police & Highways Department
The committee have met with PC Paul Gwynn, North Walsham Beat Manager, and Steve White of the Highways Department.

Any proposed changes to our road layout or to speed limits will need to be approved and sanctioned by the Highways Department.

It is vital to build an argument to justify change and recording the number of speeding vehicles plays a big part of that.   The Police will provide the Speed Watch team with the equipment and training, as well as following up identified speed issues by locating mobile speed cameras to verify the issue.   Only with these results will highways consider any changes in speed limits and it is also entirely at Highways discretion as to whether the junction at Hall Lane / Knapton Road can be re-aligned.

It is also important to appreciate that some of our issues may have to be resolved by enforcing the law, as opposed to making changes which Highways will not permit, which would, of course, be a Police matter.

Bacton Gas Terminal
The authorities at BGT have approved routes for vehicle specifically travelling to and from the terminal.   Instances where it can be shown that companies are not adhering to these agreed routes can be penalised or have their licence to supply removed.   We therefore need to liaise with them to deal with some of the traffic issues in The Street.

Community Speedwatch

An amazing group of residents in our village, led by Tracey Healey, have managed to setup a Knapton Community Speedwatch.
You can find out more about their project, read their blog and have your say on our dedicated web page.

Well done to Tracey and her team.

Community Speedwatch page
Our four main aims

The four boxes below represent the committee’s four main aims.   Each box links to the relative page where you can read more about what we are hoping to achieve and monitor our progress.

Hall Lane Junction

To reduce the speed of traffic crossing the junction between Hall Lane and Knapton Road


We propose to re-align the junction to create a more clearly defined turn with additional signage

Read more here

Hall Lane Extension

To reduce near-miss incidents and risk to pedestrians on the narrow bends of Hall Lane

Speed Limit Extension

We propose a 30mph speed restriction from the junction with Knapton Road to the car park of the Butterfly Walk

Read more here

SAM2 Speed Sign

To monitor and report vehicles exceeding the legal speed limit in and around the village

To enforce the 30mph limit

To locate a SAM2 vehicle speed sign with camera at multiple sites in Hall Lane, The Street and Knapton Road.

See our plans here

The Street

To eliminate heavy vehicles to / from Bacton Gas Terminal using The Street

reduce heavy traffic

To work with Bacton Gas Terminal to stop heavy vehicles using The Street as an access route

Read more here

Committee’s main Road Safety Blog
1407, 2020

14th July 2020
Highways Status Confirmation
Confirmation by the Highways Department that both of our road Safety initiatives, the re-modelling of the junction and the 30mph speed limit reduction, are at planning stage.

2306, 2020

23rd June 2020
The Parish Councillor has officially ordered the SAM2 Speed Awareness Camera.
Delivery and installation is expected to be around the end of August, with 5 sites identified and confirmed with Highways.

1503, 2020

14th March 2020
The Chairman advised the Parish Councillors that all necessary funds have now been confirmed and he has authorised Highways to commence work on the 30mph speed limit extension on Hall Lane.

1503, 2020

6th March 2020
Today, Duncan Baker MP offered his support for our Road Safety initiatives with the resultant effect that Highways have reduced their estimated timescale for completion reduced from 18 months down to 12 months.

1503, 2020

3rd March 2020
Today we received confirmation via email that Flagship, owners of Victory Housing, have agreed to pay 50% of the re-modelling costs of the Hall Lane / Knapton Road junction.   This means that we now have the funding necessary to proceed.

Highways were advised and asked to […]

1503, 2020

28th February 2020
Today, the Knapton Fete Committee confirmed that they will make £7,000 available to be used towards the cost of our Road Safety initiatives.

702, 2020

4th February 2020
At the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 4th Feb, it was agreed to postpone taking any action to monitor HGV traffic using The Street until the SAM2 camera is on location.   At that time, small teams of volunteers will be asked to identify those vehicles […]

2311, 2019

20th November 2019
Highways have confirmed their acceptance of the five sites identified by the council as being the most potentially effective locations to place the speed camera.

2410, 2019

22nd October 2019
Steve White arranged for a colleague who specialises in traffic management to take a look at the areas we discussed.

Hall Road speed limit extension
He agreed this was feasible to just before where the footway crosses, as we requested.
Estimated cost for this is £6.5 -£7k.  The […]

2110, 2019

8th October 2019
Committee meeting with Police & Highways
The committee met with PC Paul Gwynn, our local Community Officer, and Steve White of the Highways Department.   PC Gwynn drove the group around the parish to identify the areas of concern that the council wishes to address. […]

710, 2019

7th October 2019
We received this email today from a resident who is concerned about the traffic issues in and around our village and whose views appear to reflect those of most of the villagers.

I am contacting you regarding the new properties and the new footpath which looks great […]

210, 2019

2nd October 2019
Committee meeting with Police & Highways

The Knapton Parish Council Road Safety Committee is meeting with Norfolk Constabulary and Highways on Tuesday 8th October to discuss and establish a roadmap (no pun intended) the find the best way to improve safety on our roads.

We will […]

Existing Road Signage

While we’re working on the question of road safety, we thought we’d take a look at the state of our speed limit signs.

We found a couple which have faded and we have asked for them to be replaced.

We also found a couple which have become obscured, like the one in the picture below.

Can you spot the sign below…

Can you see it?

When you think you can, or you’ve given up looking, pass the mouse over the picture and we’ll reveal it… good luck