Knapton Green

Knapton Green has it’s own Parish Councillor

Knapton Green now has it’s very own Parish Councillor.

Councillor Tracy Smith lives on The Green and joined the council on 6th October by unanimous vote.   Keen to ensure that Knapton Green remains an integral part of Knapton, Tracy joined the Parish Council because she wants to make a difference and her energy, tenacity and event capabilities add more strength to a very focussed and positive parish council.   You can view Tracy’s contact details together with the rest of the council here.

We wish Tracy all the very best in her new role and we just know that she’ll do a great job for Knapton Green.

Peter Neatherway
Chair – Knapton Parish Council

Please let us know…

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Parking on the Green

Several residents have used the Contact Form on this website to express their concern to the Parish Council about vehicles parking on the Green.

Parking in Knapton Green can be a challenge, especially when vehicles are parked at the roadside as that can make it difficult for tractors and trailers to pass.   But the Parish Council shares local residents concerns about parking on the Green because nobody wants to see it spoiled.
There is also the question of maintenance.   For many years a local resident has taken pride in cutting the grass and generally looking after the Green for the pleasure of himself and others.   This obviously cannot be done when vehicles are parked on it and it must be most disheartening to see the object of your hard work and freely given time being used as a car park.

The Parish Council has considered several options as to what action to take but are aware that this may have been a one-off incident owing to building work being carried out on a local resident’s property.   Since there is no desire to be, or to be seen to be, heavy handed, the council has been monitoring the situation and will continue to do so for the next few weeks, making daily checks, to see if the situation resolves itself.   If it doesn’t then the matter will be discussed at the September council meeting and a decision made on an appropriate action.

Village Sign

The old village sign, Knapton Green

Time has finally caught up with the old Knapton Green village sign.   Originally made by Henry Wild when Miss Constance Robinson generously donated the bus stop to the village, it is testament to his skill and his quality of workmanship that it has welcomed visitors to the village for almost thirty years.

The Parish Council commissioned a local craftsman, David, to create a new sign that was sympathetic to the original design and utilised the same fittings that Mr Wild had used, so as to retain the look and feel of the original.

The sign is now installed and, like Mr Wild’s original, it welcomes visitors to Knapton or Knapton Green, depending on which direction they are approaching the village from.

New Knapton Green village sign, Knapton Green sideNew Knapton Green village sign, Knapton side

Cleaning up The Green…

Installing Dog Waste Bin - June 2020

Our Vice-Chair is concreting it in place

A beautiful part of our parish, Knapton Green is less than half a mile from the Village Hall and is surrounded by beautiful countryside, criss-crossed by footpaths winding their way through woods and fields with views of the sea.

So it’s no surprise that we often see walkers and ramblers with their pets passing through as they explore the North Norfolk coast and of course they are welcome.   But the number of instances of dog poo being left in bags around the green or put into the Rubbish Bin has increased and when a concerned resident contacted the Parish Council to bring it to our attention, we acted quickly to resolve it.

New Dog Waste Bin
We have installed a new Dog Waste Bin, which will be emptied on a regular basis by North Norfolk District Council.   We have sited it on the opposite side of the bus stop to where the normal waste bin is, in an attempt to try to avoid the confusion of what goes where.

If you would like to contact us about this situation, or anything else about our village, please click here or on the Contact Us button below and share your thoughts with us.

Knapton Green Dog Bin - June 2020

All done!
The new bin should help to keep The Green looking good…

Knapton Green Bus Stop

Miss Constance Robinson generously donated the bus stop to the residents of Knapton Green

Memorial Plaque to Constance Robinson
Knapton Green Bus Stop

   There is a memorial plaque on both sides of the bus stop in her honour