SAM2 Speed Awareness Camera – Data

how it works…

We have five sites around the parish that we have agreed with the Highways Department but there are guidelines that we are asked to abide by;

  • we have to re-site it every four weeks
  • we cannot return to the same site within four weeks

Turning it round 180º constitutes a site change because we are monitoring a different flow of traffic

we securely site the camera

it counts and records the speed of every vehicle that goes past it
> > > 1 > > >

every four weeks, we move it

three councillors move the camera to a different site
> > > 2 > > >

and we download the data

the data is downloaded on site and securely stored
↵  ↵  ↵  3 ↵  ↵  ↵

which we forward to the Police

we securely transfer it to our Beat Manager
> > > 4 > > >

who analyse it carefully

to work out when and where the issues are
> > > 5 > > >

and come up with a cunning plan

to catch the pesky speeders in the act
> > > 6 > > >

and it paints a picture…


this is the percentage of vehicles that were recorded driving within the speed limit

To all those who drove safely through our village within the speed limit :: we thank you

To all those who disrespectfully choose to ignore the speed limit :: shame on you

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267,293 vehicles were recorded in 327 days  ::  that’s 818 vehicles a day passing through our village :: one way

The good news is… 237,266 of them (89%) were within the speed limit
That’s great right?   Because it means that almost 9 in every 10 drivers respected our right to be safe on our roads…

That’s true… but it also means that one in every ten didn’t!!!

30,027 vehicles broke the speed limit on our roads, in our village, in just around 11 months

ninety two drivers broke the law in our village every single day

…and don’t forget that we are only measuring the traffic going one way… 

Site DetailsHall LaneKnapton RoadThe StreetThe StreetKnapton GreenKnapton RoadKnapton RoadHall lane
Speed limit3040303040404030
No of days sited22456335634455
Total no of vehicles69084205586116512877205587259615
Average per day314935137186139212701084
Under the speed limit36742948682716181874964297959179
Over the speed limit32341256934033122412893436
Over 80mph