September 2019
September is upon us and we all have had a limited amount of produce with vegetables coming out of our ears including runner beans, french beans, and borlotti beans to dry ready for winter soups.

Courgettes have been abundant, what do you do with them all, there is a very yummy cake you can make but it is not for every day, but I have used them instead of lasagne sheets, steamed for a few minutes, layered with our homemade pasta sauce of course (boasting now) with cheese sauce on top… very nice.

The tomatoes and peppers and aubergines have all been amazing and I have frozen pounds, and the trusses are dripping with the smaller sweet ones and they should last us for another few months. All the sun we have had has made a tremendous difference and now there is tomato soup (yummy with crusty bread), ratatouille, and fresh tomato pasta sauce in the freezer.

Everyone is pleased with their produce, carrots taste so sweet, and the sweet corn is looking very good, the kale and cabbages also.  My brussels are getting quite big, I think we will have some for Christmas dinner.  The summer seems to have flown by, we are all preparing our growing beds for next season, compost on, and covering them up to stop the weeds taking hold.

I hope you have all had as good a season of growing whatever it may be as our allotment holders have.

Green Fingers