February 2020
Happy New Growing Year 2020
We are having a very mild winter, things have been sprouting already, the rhubarb has started growing and it’s already 10ins high.
The seeds for all the greens will go in soon as they need a long growing season and firm ground.
The tomatoe seeds for the polytunnel will go in soon but not too early as they will get very leggy.
We have not pruned all our fruit bushes and apple trees yet, I did a few when the apples came off but it is quite a performance as we have about 30 trees.
We are still eating our own apples from last year in fact I am making a apple crumble today!
Some of the potatoes have started sprouting but just rub the shoots off and they will be fine.
We have potatoes in a large tub in the polytunnel we will be tipping them out next week, very exciting.
Also the strawberries we have in pots are looking good.
Lots of the allotment holders have leeks and kale so we still all have a lot of food to eat before we start again and we have lots of water stored ready for the summer.
It is very exciting growing new seeds for a new year.
Happy Growing for 2020.
Green Fingers