4th February 2020 | The Street HGV

Initiative Postponed
At the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 4th Feb, it was agreed to postpone taking any action to monitor HGV traffic using The Street until the SAM2 camera is on location.   At that time, small teams of volunteers will be asked to identify those vehicles using The Street on their way to or from BGT (Bacton Gas Terminal).   These vehicles will be reported to the terminal who have already made it clear that they have agreed transport routes that are designed to avoid Knapton altogether.

However, it may be that SatNavs are routing these vehicles down The Street and the Council will consider appropriate signage whilst we wait for the SAM camera to arrive.

For their part, BGT have re-itereated that they do not condone delivery vehicles to and from their site using The Street a part of their route and have re-emphasised their undertaking to penalise those suppliers who continue to do so, if that are provided with satisfactory evidence.