It is really very positive news to see the steps that are now being taken to address the road safety issues for residents, pedestrians and road users.

Having read the proposals it would be appreciated by those of us who live on the 40 mph roads within the village signs,  where this speed limit is flagrantly ignored on a daily basis,  if this part of the proposal was strengthened and made clearer.  It is not just the turning into Hall Lane and The Street from the Mundesley Rd where the speed limits are exceeded but also where drivers transition (or not) from the national speed limit sections travelling towards Mundesley or North Walsham.

The volunteers for the CSW have now passed stage one of the process to form the group and risk assessments and training will take place in Jan/Feb; the Mundesley Rd 40mph section has been submitted as an area the CSW will monitor along with Hall Lane/The Street.

Tracey Healey