7th October 2019 | 30mph Extension in Hall Lane

A resident’s concerns about speeding in Hall Lane
We received this email today from a resident who is concerned about the traffic issues in and around our village and whose views appear to reflect those of most of the villagers.

I am contacting you regarding the new properties and the new footpath which looks great and is a great asset for the village.

My concerns are traffic speeding onto Hall Lane. It has always happened and still is, but my fear, is that it is an accident waiting to happen, we desperately need a speed bump or some other deterrent in place. As these are to become affordable housing, there ultimately will be many more children crossing the road to catch the school bus, not only children, but residents wanting to use the village hall.

Speeding is a major issue in the village, The Street also being a issue …. that I hope one day will be addressed, the village raise money annually with the Summer Fete and other events, that I’m sure if needed, a contribution could be made towards limiting the speed of traffic. Especially as we have no pavements or streetlights, with the fact that more young families are moving into the area, which is wonderful  to see young children out and about, but as a village, the Parish council must have a responsibility to protect them when walking to catch the school bus.

I presume that this will be passed on to the appropriate person, and look forward to hearing back from you.

We have withheld the residents name and address as we have not received their permission to show them, but we have responded.

Our Road Safety Committee meets tomorrow and will report their progress at the Parish Council meeting tomorrow  (Tuesday 8th Oct at the Village Hall) to which all are welcome).