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The Parish Council will be meeting on 4th October at 6:30pm in the Village Hall, as local resident Cally Keohane is giving the second part of her talk about County Highways, commenting;

I plan to spend 5 minutes recapping on what I said in Part 1 then 25 minutes mainly talking about the following,

  • Knapton Public Rights of Way (also regarded as public highway)
  • Encroachments and obstacles on public highway (hedges, walls and fences, rocks and logs)
  • Vehicle access crossings (private accesses from the road)
  • Riparian ownership and public highway (road-side drainage ditches and highway soakaway channels).

The council meeting proper will start at the usual time of 7pm and amongst other things, the Parish Council will determine how best to use these funds that it receives from the new Textile Bank that is now sited in the village car park.   If you have a view on what this should be you’re welcome to come along and share it with us.   You’ll also find out what the council is doing and planning for the village and you can address any questions you may have directly to the council.

As usual, the Minutes from the last meeting and the Agenda for this meeting can be found on our Agenda & Minutes Archive page here.

The Parish Council is vibrant and active and we welcome input from the parish residents that we represent so that we can focus on the things that matter and make things better for everyone in the village.   Come and join us as we discuss situations and make decisions that could affect every resident of our village.   At the end of each meeting we encourage parishioners to get involved and ask questions about the issues that concern them.

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