Walter Pardon Albums  |  Put a Bit of Powder on it, Father

Musical Traditions Records
Format – Double CD – MTCD305/6
Released – 2000

Recorded & Produced – Bill Leader & Michael Yates

Genre – Folk, World, & Country

Editing, DTP, printing – Rod Stradling, Spring 2000
CD: formatting, digital editing, production – Rod Stradling, Spring 2000

Walter Pardon – vocals & melodeon

In-depth Notes
The following notes, made by Michael Yates, can be read on the Notes Booklet which accompanies the last CD.   These can be found on the Mustrad website on a document called Pardon2.
Click here to go there.

They include:
Walter’s Recorded Legacy
The Walter Pardon Discography
The Walter Pardon Repertoire

Put a Bit of Powder on it, Father - album cover

Tracklist CD 1
MT CD305

  1. Cupid the Ploughboy
  2. A Country Life
  3. The Poor Smugglers Boy
  4. I’m Yorkshire Though in London
  5. Seventeen Come Sunday
  6. The Parson and the Clerk
  7. Blow the Winds I-O
  8. Hold the Fort
  9. All Among the Barley
10. Black-Eyed Susan
11. Caroline and Her Young Sailor Bold
12. Lord Lovel
13. The Skipper and his Boy
14. Thornaby Woods
15. An Old Man’s Advice
16. If I Were a Blackbird
17. The Bonny Bunch of Roses-O
18. The Green Bushes
19. Polly Vaughan
20. The Saucy Sailor
21. Little Ball of Yarn
22. The Huntsman


Tracklist CD 2
MT CD306

  1. Put a Bit of Powder on it, Father
  2. The Cuckoo
  3. Old Joe the Boat is Going Over
  4. Cock-a-Doodle-Do
  5. The Harland Road / Wheel Your P’rambulator
  6. Ben Bolt
  7. Uncle Walter’s Tune
  8. Two Lovely Black Eyes
  9. Alice Grey
10. Rosin-a-Beau
11. Not for Joseph, Not for Joe
12. The Old Armchair
13. The Marble Arch
14. Wake Up Johnny / When the Cock begins to Crow / Saving Them All for Mary / Down by the Old Abbey Ruins
15. The Mistletoe Bough
16. On a See-Saw
17. Your Faithful Sailor Boy
18. Here’s to the Grog
19. Nancy Lee
20. Up the Chimney Pot / Slave Driving Farmers / Bound to Emigrate to New Zealand
21. Husband Taming
22. Uncle Walter’s March
23. If I Ever Get Drunk Again
24. Naughty Jemima Brown
25. The Dandy Man
26. For Me, For Me
27. While Shepherds Watched

Most of the recordings on this CD had been recorded by Bill Leader or Mike Yates at Walter Pardon’s home in Knapton, Norfolk, in 1975-80