This information is from the North Norfolk District Council website as to Bin Collections

Date published: 12th February 2021

We would like to thank our residents for bearing with us during a challenging week with the inclement weather disrupting our bin collection services.

Following a whole week of disruption, it will not be possible for our crews to catch up with all services missed, therefore the collections that were due between Monday February 8 – Friday February 12, will not take place.

If your bin that was due for collection between 8-12 February is still out, please bring it back in until the next scheduled collection during the week commencing February 22.

We can now confirm how we plan to move forward to reinstate services and recover from the disruption and ask our residents to present their bins as follows:

Monday February 15 Friday February 19: Present the correct bin as NORMAL, e.g. if your usual collection day is Tuesday and it would be your recycling week, please put your recycling bin out as normal.

The following week, Monday February 22 Friday February 26: Present the correct bin as NORMAL. In addition to a full bin, our crews will accept a reasonable quantity of side waste. Guidelines as follows:

  • Extra recycling can be presented in cardboard boxes or CLEAR bags.  Please ensure your recycling is kept clean and dry.
  • Extra general waste and garden waste can be presented in bin bags with a maximum of four extra bags per household.

Check which bin is due for collection on our website.

For our garden waste customers who did not receive a collection during the week of Monday February 8 – Friday February 12, we will also take up to four bags of additional garden waste on your next collection due in the week of Monday February 22 – Friday February 26.

For our commercial waste customers who have missed collections during the week of Monday February 8 – Friday February 12, we will collect extra waste on your next scheduled collection or in some cases where it is possible, we will empty your bin(s) prior to your next scheduled collection.

We would like to thank our residents for their understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Last updated: 12th February 2021