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You can find the legal documents that relate to our village website below.
These are occasionally updated and we only make the latest version available for download.

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Terms & Conditions

We hope you find our website useful and keep coming back to discover more about our village.
Our Website Terms and Conditions make it clear what you can and cannot do with its content.

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Privacy Policy

We want you to stay in control when you’re using our site and our Website Privacy Policy sets out the basis for the processing of any personal information which we collect from you or that you provide to us.

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Cookie Policy

We want you to enjoy using our site every time you visit so we use cookies to control certain site functionality.
What are cookies anyway, and what do they do?

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SSL Security

We want you to know you are safe when you’re using our site so we use SSL encryption to make sure that you are.
What is SSL anyway, and what does it do?