The Development

On May 17th, 2018, councillors on North Norfolk District Council’s development committee passed Victory Housing’s application for the development on the central Millennium Field by eight votes to four.

The application was passed with the conditions that Victory uses more flint, rather than red brick, so the homes are more in keeping with the village, and that a boundary hedge and memorial trees planted in memory of loved ones about 20 years ago are kept on the site.

The Players

The land was sold by North Norfolk District Council to Victory Housing Trust.

Victory have contracted Wellington Construction to build the site.

The Site
Millenium Field Development Plans
The Plan
Wellington's revised Traffic Management Plan
The Progress

The plans are not in keeping with the council’s highways and affordable housing development guidelines.   Residents and some councillors said fire engines and ambulances would have trouble accessing the site and the Highways Authority objected to the plans, although Norfolk Fire and Rescue did not.

Assurances were given that School Lane would not be used as the delivery route for heavy delivery lorries, artics etc. given the already difficult access issues.   An entrance to the site was then gated and used on the Knapton Road which caused serious traffic concerns on what is a much busier road.   presentation’s were made by a local resident and the entrance was closed, effectively bringing the site to a standstill.

Council members met with Bob, the site manager and then Paul Pitcher, the MD of Wellington, on site to discuss the impasse.   Mr Pitcher put forward a revised Traffic Management Plan which took into account all the issues raised by our concerned residents and the Parish Council called a Public Meeting so that local residents could view it and discuss it directly with Mr Pitcher.

Mr Pitcher’s professional and sympathetic approach at the meeting left our residents feeling positive and confident in the suggested changes and acceptance of the plan was approved by the Parish Council.   The site is now open and the full effects of that revised plan are now in effect.