Facilities operated by the Parish Council

Patrick Lee is the councillor responsible for overseeing the day-to-day management of Knapton’s Allotments.

Plots are rented, and paid for, annually from October and we operate a waiting list.

For details of availability and rates, please contact;
Peter Gray – 01263 722 662

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Public Litter Bins & Dog Bins

We provide litter bins and dog bins throughout the parish and arrange for them to be emptied.

Please help us to keep our village tidy by:

  • using litter-bins and encouraging others to use them
  • disposing of dog waste in the correct bins
  • recycling paper, bottles, cans, clothing and household furniture
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Grit Bins

The large yellow Grit Bins are provided at various points around the village so you can help keep roads and pavements in your area free from ice.

If the bin in your locality requires replenishment please contact the Parish Clerk.

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Services offered by the Parish Council

Alan Young is the councillor responsible for commenting on Planning Issues affecting the village

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Reporting of Highway defects to Norfolk County Council, such as pot holes, over-hanging road obstructions, blocked drains & road flooding etc

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Millenium Field

David Bishop-Laggett is the councillor responsible for monitoring and liaising with Wellington, the site contractor for Victory Housing.

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Council Events

Our councillors share the responsibility of representing the Council on local bodies and groups, including liaising with neighbouring Parishes on various projects

Grass Verges

Maintenance of certain grass verge areas to maintain safe driver visibility and walking pathways

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Grant Aid

The Council considers applications for Grant Aid to provide cash assistance to projects, charities or community programmes relating to Knapton

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Services Provided by NNDC or their contractors

North Norfolk District Council, Holt Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9EL
Tel: 01263 513811  |  Email:  customer.services@north-norfolk.gov.uk  |  Web:  www.north-norfolk.gov.uk

Green & Grey Bins – Household Waste

Green and Grey bins are collected fortnightly on alternate Tuesdays.

NNDC contracts this service to Kier May Gurney

You can check what you should be putting in to your grey and green bins here.

If you fill your bin so much that the lid won’t close the refuse collectors may return the bin to you full.

Any extra / additional waste left beside your grey bin may not be collected.View details of our Grey & Green Bin service

View details of our Grey & Green Bin service
Brown Bin – Garden Waste

If you have a Brown Bin for garden waste, the service runs from March to November with collections taking place fortnightly on Fridays.

This is a chargeable service provided by NNDC and contracted to Kier May Gurney.

The cost is £49 a year for each brown bin paid by Direct Debit. For other payment methods, the yearly cost is £55 for each brown bin. You can order as many brown garden waste bins as you like.

You can check what you should be putting in to your brown bin here

View details of our Brown Bin service
We have two Recycling Centres near us

Worsted Recycling Centre is just the other side of North Walsham and Sheringham Recycling Centre is around 20 mins drive.
You can find details about these centres by clicking the button below, including location, opening times and what they do – and don’t – accept.

Mini-recycling Centres
  • MADRA – Glass
  • Shoppers Car Park, Mundesley – Paper & Glass
  • Sainsbury’s (North Walsham) – Glass, Paper, Textiles & Cartons
  • Library Car Park (North Walsham) – Glass & Textiles
View details of our local Recycling Centres
Library Services

All library services in the county are operated by Norfolk County Council and are fully integrated ie, you can collect and return books at any branch within the county. Books selected using the online service can be collected at a branch of your choice under advice.

It is simple, easy and quick and you can click here to join on-line.

Our nearest branches are

  • North Walsham Library – 01692 402 482
  • Mundesley Library – 01263 720 702
  • Mobile Library: – 01692 402 482 for details of routes and schedules.
View details of our local library services